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Digital copy available here Sellfy.com/Bruns2

2 Video's Filmed and Edited By Kevin Winters
Both videos are on one disc.
Skate Jawn
Length 55:56
Filmed Between Dec2010-June2013
Featuring Parts of Nik Stain, Zach Gesko, Jordan Gesko, Chris Sarte/Joe Roxbury/Paul Overstrom, Mitchell Wilson, Andrew Wilson, John Gardner and Sloan Palder. 3 Montages featuring Kyle Dalrymple, Fritz Mead, Dylan James, Ishod Wair, Paul London, Marcus Waldron, Fred Gall, Ryan Burge, Dillon Constantine,Nico Magalhaes, Eric Elliott, James Pitonyak, Chris Davis and alot of other homies.

Length 29:12
Filmed between July 2013- May 2015
Featuring Parts of John Gardner, James Pitonyak, Nik Stain, Jordan Gesko, Zach Gesko, Ryan Burge and Chris Davis. 2 Montages featuring Sergio Rodas, Sloan Palder, Chris Sarte, Paul Overstrom, Brendan Wilkie, Eric Elliott and a bunch of other homies.